Our Life: Lazy Winter Days

Today was a good day: quiet, slow, cozy, and happy.

Michelle and Laura flew out Sunday afternoon. It always takes us a few days to adjust when they leave. I’m used to them coming and going so I don’t feel consciously sad, just blah and lazy. The boys, who quickly grow used to all the extra attention, are clingy and crabby for a few days afterward. It’s just part of the natural cycle of life, and I plan for it. Also, it reminds me of what’s most important – the time I spend really focusing on our kids.

William is an early bird, usually awake between five and six. When Laura is here, he crawls into bed with her and they snuggle and talk. They talk about airplanes. And they talk about Jesus. A lot about Jesus. He shares more of his four-year-old spiritual insights with his Aunt Laura during those early morning hours than he has ever shared with anyone else. I thank God with everything I have that my kids are so loved and nurtured by people besides Ryan and me.

This morning I decided to try something new. Rather than having the boys play together in their beds while I finish writing and exercising, I decided to start the morning with snuggle time. More than anything, while our kids are young, I want our schedule to benefit them and meet their needs. These years are flying by way too fast already, and this is why I stay home – to be with our children. Early morning snuggle time was a huge hit with both of the boys (Audrey sleeps in later), and they have both been happier today. 

We had a late breakfast, took Ryan to work, and came home to finish cleaning up the kitchen. I put on some Christmas music, started some laundry and got some bread going. I used to complain about these kinds of mundane tasks, but not anymore. Now I feel a warm glow inside when I think about making bread and doing laundry. I get to be here and do these things for my family. I get to create a home: a place of love and warmth, where people are wanted and taken care of. What a life!

The kids and I went for a walk to collect pine cones for some Christmas projects we are going to do next week. It was cold so we came home and made tea. We snuggled in front of the Christmas tree, and Audrey and I took turns reading books to the boys for an hour.

Not all days are slow and cozy like this one. Last week, Audrey spent 32 hours at the church participating in the Scrooge play, in between decorating for Christmas, making Christmas cookies, and shopping with her Aunts. And in the last four months, we have tallied up way more school hours than I anticipated.  So now we are enjoying a break, at least until Christmas is over. And I plan to spend most of it snuggling these adorable little faces, reading to them, and doing all the fun Christmas activities that were too stressful to do when they were younger.

I couldn’t imagine anything better.



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