Spring Clean Your Mind! [Practical Tips!]

Hello Friends!

I wasn’t planning on “spring cleaning” this year, because I just went through my ENTIRE house last fall. I cleaned and organized everything and got rid of a bunch of stuff.

However, lately I’ve noticed that the mess seems to be uncontrollable. Whenever I feel like I’m drowning in stuff that just won’t stay put, to me that means it’s time to clean house. Time to cut down on what we own and get rid of anything that is extraneous, or anything that someone else could put to a better use than we could.

And every year when I cleanse and simplify my home, I am reminded again of the importance of cleansing and simplifying my life as a whole.

Our culture tells us that in order to “cleanse” our lives we have to control our outer circumstances, often by walking out on people or situations that we find difficult burdensome, or draining. Generally speaking, I disagree. I have found that the best way to “cleanse” my life is to cleanse myself. The best way to change my experience of life is to clean the junk out of my mind. To get rid of the thought patterns and emotional responses that make certain people and situations seem difficult, burdensome, or draining to me.

You can change your entire life without ever changing your circumstances. You change your life by changing how you perceive and experience life. You change your life by deep-cleaning your innermost self and bringing yourself at the soul level in tune with the love, power, and radiance of God.

It is so freeing. It brings so much happiness and  so much strength! And it is what the Bible means when it says to “renew your mind!’

In my video I give a couple practical examples of how to cleanse yourself by changing your thoughts.



Photo by Jennifer Burk on Unsplash

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