When I Realized Money Was My God

I spent years stressing and worrying about money.

There were days my husband and I didn’t know how we were going to feed our kids. There were really dark nights when we found out we were going to loose our apartment or our car. There were countless times we couldn’t afford basic necessities and were completely dependent on others. There were months of looking for jobs, waiting and waiting for calls that never came.

And even after those times faded, the stress and the worry did not. It stuck to me like a well-worn garment, like a safety blanket.

I spent many many more days worrying and stressing about money than days we were actually in trouble. Many more.

I spent years letting the stress and worry control me by dictating my actions and consuming my thoughts and emotions.

I have been learning to let go of that stress and worry. I’ve been understanding, little by little, that our universe and its resources are not limited, as the universe came into being from an infinite source – Almighty God. Science has been uncovering this. Quantum physics and biology alike are showing the existence of the spiritual world.

I’ve been studying the miracles of Jesus, and how he expected the disciples to do the same things he did, and my eyes have been opened to what is possible when we live connected and in tune with our Infinite Father. [That’s a story for another post.]

This week at Bible study, I had a revelation. I realized that anything that controls my mind, taking up my thoughts and dictating my actions and responses is a “god” to me.  Anything I fear is a “god” to me. This is what money was for years. But I don’t have to live this way anymore, and neither do you.

The quote in my video is taken from No Other Gods by Kelly Minter



Photo by Allef Vinicius on Unsplash

2 thoughts on “When I Realized Money Was My God

  1. Yes, I agree that what we spend our time thinking about is a god and an idol. If only we consulted God and believed him, there would be no gods or idols. What we fear and worry about connects to us because we make it our focus. God is still the God of miracles. He heals, delivers and increases what we have when we place him first in our lives.


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