Will I Stay Calm And Patient Today?

Hello Friends!

I’m back today with another “Real Life Honesty” video!

I talk all the time about “renewing your mind” and having peace inside, regardless of  how crazy your life may be on the outside. Today, I am going to be challenged in this arena.

I have a crazy, busy day, with a ton of stuff to get done. I have to do all of it with three little one whose lunch and nap-time schedules will probably be interrupted. AND I have to figure it all out last minute because MY schedule is up in the air.

I’ll be completely honest. Normally, a day like this would cause me to stress majorly. A day like this would cause my blood pressure to go way up as I’m herding three hungry, nap-less kids to our fifth or sixth stop of the day, hours after I was hoping to be back home. A day like this would cause me to snap at the kids, probably even loose my temper and yell at them in the car. Then I would get home on my last leg, irritated and exhausted, with no energy to make dinner.

Today, I’m challenging myself to keep my peace. I’m excited about this opportunity to practice what I preach and stay calm and patient INSIDE, even on a day that is challenging to me.

Feel free to hold me accountable! Comment and ask me how I did. Then share what a challenging day would look like for you!


Photo by Evan Dennis on Unsplash

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