Why I Believe In Divine Healing

Divine healing is something I have experienced multiple times in my life. It is something I understand intellectually through multiple avenues. And it is something I believe in deeply.

But yet, it is a subject I find hard or even scary to talk about. Illness and disease are such personal issues to people, and there is often so much pain and struggle surrounding them. My experience has been that the subject of divine healing often makes people feel defensive, guilty, or angry.

And here’s the thing: if you want someone to heal, you have to get them in a positive, faith-filled mindset, not a mindset of offense, guilt, shame, anger, or hopelessness.

Normally, in my life, if I know someone who is sick, rather than sharing my experiences, I will simply pray for them in faith. However, I feel that this blog is a good platform to share more deeply about my beliefs. And there is so much that needs to be shared.

Most people see divine healing as a belief of the super-religious. Honestly, it is not even accepted in most of main-stream Christianity. And yes, it can be found from one end of the Bible to the other. But there is a ton of science that supports divine healing now, and this information is taking a long, long time to make it into mainstream practice and understanding, mostly because the modern medical system is built around the pharmaceutical industry making money. Any science that goes against the drug companies does not get taught in medical school, which means that your doctor likely has no idea.

Why I Believe In Divine Healing

I want to be a part of the growing voice that speaks out about this issue, even if it is an uncomfortable topic to talk about at times. I will do my best to speak about it in the most compassionate way possible and in a way that brings hope to people rather than burdening them with guilt.

In this video I give a brief recap of my experiences and beliefs regarding divine healing. I will go more into detail in future videos!

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

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