Four Practical Tips to Experience Divine Health

Yesterday I wrote a post with a video entitled “Why I Believe In Divine Healing.” In that video, I gave a very brief summary of my experience with divine healing and my belief in divine healing, both from a Biblical and a scientific perspective.

I plan to do many more videos on this subject. I want to share all of my experiences with divine healing in detail. I want to go in depth on the science behind divine healing, and the Biblical teachings.

Four Practical Tips to experience divine health

Today I am sharing four practical tips on how to step into the teachings of divine healing in a personal and family setting. It is my intent that these tips will help to build your faith for healing, and will help you to learn to walk out divine healing in your day-to-day lives.


Here is a brief outline of my four tips:

  1. Build faith for healing while everyone is healthy – don’t wait until someone is sick
    1. Change your mindset toward sickness and healing
    2. Sickness was defeated at the cross and it is something we have authority over
    3. Understand that our expectations toward sickness and disease is often what manifests, and we can change those expectations.
  2. Pray in faith
    1. The Bible teaches very clearly that the prayer of faith will save the sick
    2. It doesn’t say that prayer will save the sick, it says the prayer of faith will save the sick. This means that we have to believe that God’s will is to heal.
    3. Pray like Jesus and the apostles did, not by asking God to do something he has already done (defeat sickness) but by commanding sickness to go.
  3. Create an atmosphere that is conducive to a mindset of faith.
    1. Don’t pressure people about faith. Let them experience what they are experiencing and allow them to talk about their symptoms so they can feel loved, safe, and supported.
    2. Instead, influence those around you with your faith. Think, speak, and intend positively toward others. Help them to build their faith by speaking health over them.
    3. Play worship music at night in your kid’s rooms or throughout the day to get messages of healing into their subconscious mind, which is a powerful creator of reality.
    4. Be positive, be happy, focus not on the sickness but on the healing, make people laugh, make yourself laugh, focus on the things about your life that get you excited and motivated to heal, and help others to do the same.
    5. Ask your kids “what would make you feel better” and then let them do it – this is a simple tool that has helped my kids to release faith.
    6. Tell your kids “when you’re better we’ll do this fun, exciting thing” – this is another simple tool that can release faith and free the body to heal.
  4.  Use physical avenues of healing
    1. I personally choose to stick to simple, natural remedies that support a positive mindset and boost the immune system.
    2. Modern medicine has its place, so if you need it or feel it is better for your family, then use it.
    3. Remember that most of the power of medicine lies in the belief that people place in it. See medicine as a way to boost your faith and support the healing process in your body.



Photo by Jake Thacker on Unsplash

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