My Story Of Depression

Hello Friends!

Today I would like to share with you a very personal story. I would like to share with you my story of depression.

Millions around the world deal with depression. The numbers are staggering and they keep rising. Depression is a disease of the mind, but it affects everything about your life: mental, emotional, and physical. It is very isolating. People with depression often feel that those around them don’t understand what they are going through, although this could not be farther from the truth. Many, if not most of us, know full well the darkness, hopelessness, and emptiness of depression.

I have dealt with depression twice in my life.

And I have also experienced healing.


My Story Of Depression And Healing

I am here to offer hope. My message to you, today and every day, is this:

There. Is. Healing. 

You do not have to continue to suffer.

What I have noticed is that people love to hear my story of depression, but as soon as I start talking about healing, the interest in my story is gone. I think this is because people are too afraid to hope. Healing seems impossible and ridiculous to someone who is suffering. But I am going to keep sharing. Because There. Is. Healing. And in order to heal, one has to believe. The more one hears that healing is possible or has happened for someone else, the more realistic the idea becomes.

If it takes me the rest of my life to get this message out, I will keep sharing.

In this video I share my personal and detailed account of dealing with depression and being healed from it twice. Please watch and share with everyone. I want to get the message of healing out to as many people as possible!


Photo by Kat Smith from Pexels

5 thoughts on “My Story Of Depression

  1. Such a powerful message! Take every thought captive. Thank you for sharing so vulnerably. Blessings to you as you share His powerful love and healing to give hope to others who suffer.

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