Freezer Cooking Day Video! 18+ Meals

So I’ve always been intrigued by the idea of batch freezer cooking. I tried it once when August was a newborn, and it didn’t go well because my children were so little and needed me so often. I was sore and exhausted at the end of the day and was left with crabby babies, an aching back, and a mountain of dishes. Then we ended up not liking half the meals. So I let the idea rest for a while.

Lately, now that my children are a little more independent, I’ve been throwing around the idea again. I watch fellow moms’ batch freezer cooking Youtube videos and come away inspired. But still, we haven’t had a lot of freezer space, and we follow a modified paleo/primal diet [gluten, corn, soy, and mostly dairy-free], which makes it challenging to find freezer meals that work for us and don’t come out bland and boring.

Recently, Ryan and I found out we are getting a chest freezer! And so I decided to try a mini freezer-cooking day as a trial run.

I’ve done a lot of research on how to make freezer meals work better for us this time. I’ve experimented with making and freezing a few meals at a time and have found that it is better if we don’t cook and freeze veggies ahead for the most part, for instance. It also works better for us to fully cook and season the meat the way we like it in most cases, rather than freezing it raw.

In this video, I prep and freeze 18 nights worth of dinners, as well as some items for lunches. I share my tips on how to make a modified paleo/primal diet work for a family of five!

I invite you to join me in my kitchen, and also, feel free to comment with your tips and ideas!

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