My Rant About Facebook Memes, Boundaries, and Compassion

There’s an attitude that is prevalent in our culture. It’s the idea that you shouldn’t go out of your way for people who don’t appreciate you. It’s the idea that some people are unworthy of your kindness and a waste of your energy. It’s the idea that you can either be too nice, or you can set boundaries and give people the cold shoulder when they take advantage of you.

I’ve got a big problem with all that.

First of all, boundaries are part of healthy relationships, not the opposite of being nice.

Secondly, there is no-one. NO-ONE who is a waste of energy or “unworthy” of kindness.

I mean…seriously. The idea of “wasting” kindness simply boggles my mind. It’s an impossibility. The very reason we are here on earth is to grow in love and compassion. Every act we make, every thought we think, every intention we hold in our hearts affects everything. It all makes a profound difference whether we see it or not.

Every single human being needs and deserves to be loved by the very nature of their existence.  And every single human being is here for the same purpose – to grow in love. Often, the best way to grow in compassion is to love those who are hard to love. An even better way to grow in compassion is to love those who have taken advantage of us or treated us wrongly in some way.

I am not saying to let people abuse you. In fact, if you truly love others, boundaries go without saying. You won’t allow people to treat you in a wrong way, because that is counter-productive to their growth and the health of the relationship. Love takes many forms but it always does what is best for the person in question. It does not react out of personal offense. It always acts out of a compassionate heart.

facebook memes

What I am saying is that the point of this life is LOVE. You can’t waste love. There is no-one who is unworthy of love. The goal is to grow strong enough in love, boundaries and all, to keep a compassionate heart towards those who are difficult or those who have personally hurt us.

Listen to my rant about this subject below!


Photo by Riccardo Annandale on Unsplash

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