Freezer Cooking Day [Video]!!! 18+ Meals Part 2

Hello Friends!

I am having a lovely day today, and I hope you are too! The kids and I did some chores around the house this morning. Audrey kept the laundry going for me and all three of the kids peeled hard-boiled eggs for egg salad.

As a side note, I have discovered that when someone else peels the eggs for you, making egg salad suddenly becomes easy. And I have three eager little helpers – so I’m thinking this is definitely a win-win!

Afterwards, we took off for the park. The kids rode their bikes. We had a picnic. I can’t think of enough words to adequately describe how much I love this. This freedom to fill our days with as much learning and fun and meaning as we can. This freedom to just take off and spend the day out living and enjoying life with the three little humans we have been given.

Last summer was over-the-top amazing, but I have a feeling this summer is going to be even better!

But enough rambling – lets get to the topic at hand: freezer cooking.

Last week I posted part one of my big freezer cooking day!

Today I am sharing part two. In these two videos, I make and freeze 18 dinners for my family, plus soups and muffins for lunches. All of my cooking and baking is gluten, corn, soy, and mostly dairy free!

Thanks for hanging out with me! Please share your tips, ideas, and recipes with me in the comments. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel for more of my videos!


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