Encouragement for New Moms

Today was our first hike and swim of the summer. And it’s still April, not really warm enough to swim yet…but who cares about details like that!

We packed up breakfast, lunch, water bottles, and swim suits and took off for the day. We spent the first half hour eating gluten-free blueberry muffins while bird-watching and chasing geese. Then we spent about an hour exploring and following a stream back to try to find the origin.


We climbed rocks. The kids ran barefoot all over the creek valley. We dipped our toes in the river, joined up with some good friends for a picnic lunch, and then played in the creek some more.


Was it perfect? Well, I forgot plates and silverware, so we had to eat chicken salad with our fingers. My daughter ran off looking for her shoes and freaked me out. One son got whiny and crabby and the other had an accident.

But oh my goodness yes. It was perfect in all its imperfections. The bird-song and the rugged beauty and the sunlight and the mountain-fresh air and the adventure and friendship and picnicking and the real life experience of hiking with three young kids – what more could I possibly ask for?

I remember a time when I never could have enjoyed something like this as a mother. And by “enjoy,” I mean really enjoy. No worries nagging at the back of my mind, no guilt, no stress, nothing but the present moment and the reality of the beauty of life.

Encouragement for New Moms

And I’m feeling inspired to share some encouragement with young moms. I feel prompted to share words of wisdom that have been shared with me time and time again, even when I was not in a place to receive them, that have over time slowly shaped me into the person that I am now.

If you are a young mom and feel stressed, this is for you! You are not alone. Things get easier. Your life is yours to create, and this blessing of raising children – there is a consciousness to be awakened and so much joy, so much potential, so much to experience!

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