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Hello Friend!

I’m so glad you stopped by! My name is Melissa, but you can call me Missii. Welcome to LoveCovering.com, where I share about love, forgiveness, faith, family, homeschooling, cooking, and more!

I want this blog to be a safe space for you to be yourself, grow, and share life along with me, so let’s start by getting to know each other! Here are a few facts about me:

  1. I am a Michigan girl in a Montana world. I am totally in love with the captivating forests and lake effect weather of the former and the rugged mountainous terrain and big sky of the later.
  2. Family is everything to me: my husband Ryan, our three beautiful children, Audrey, William, and August, and our parents and siblings on both sides make my life deeply beautiful.
  3. Fall is magical to me: crackling fireplaces and hot chocolate, cool weather and colorful leaves, Christmas just around the corner… It doesn’t get better than that!
  4. I am currently learning three languages along with my daughter: Spanish, Korean, and French.
  5. I love reading, researching, writing, learning, music, nature, and people.
  6. I follow a modified paleo diet and love sharing recipes and meal plans that have worked for my family.
  7. I was homeschooled from kindergarten through high school, and am now homeschooling my own kids. My daughter is in first grade this year, and my older son is in preschool. We are LOVING the freedom and limitless possibilities that homeschooling provides!
  8. I believe in love. I believe in compassion, understanding, and forgiveness. I believe the love of our Creator is everywhere, in all things, drawing all hearts to himself while making all things beautiful. Everything else in my world reflects these values.

Now it’s your turn! Please share a little bit about yourself below!