For My Mom: Make The World Wonder

My mom is a rare woman. She is humble, honest, passionate, idealistic, and self-sacrificing. She goes against the grain in almost every way possible and sees things through her own unique and fantastic lens. Like a cherry tree, elegant and extravagant, thriving in the desert, taking no heed to her surroundings and fully focused on the act of blooming, she gives the world something to … Continue reading For My Mom: Make The World Wonder

“With Montana, It Is Love”

I grew up in the forests of Michigan. Trees as far as the eye can see. A carpet of bright green growing things. Vegetation finding life in every crack in the concrete. Ridiculous humidity. Lakes and bonfires and crickets and cardinals and fireflies. Overcrowded beaches. Tourist towns on the Great Lakes. Cabins Up North. Mighty oaks. Acorns, squirrels, Canada geese, loons, and wolves. Vivid fiery … Continue reading “With Montana, It Is Love”

Encouragement for New Moms

Today was our first hike and swim of the summer. And it’s still April, not really warm enough to swim yet…but who cares about details like that! We packed up breakfast, lunch, water bottles, and swim suits and took off for the day. We spent the first half hour eating gluten-free blueberry muffins while bird-watching and chasing geese. Then we spent about an hour exploring … Continue reading Encouragement for New Moms

Four Ways To Keep Learning On Spring Break!

Hello friends! I don’t know about where you’re at, but here it took forever for spring to come! And I decided at the last minute that we are going on a full break from school as long as it stays so perfect and beautiful – warm enough to feel the sun but cool enough to be comfortable! We school pretty much year round. Even when … Continue reading Four Ways To Keep Learning On Spring Break!

Freezer Cooking Day [Video]!!! 18+ Meals Part 2

Hello Friends! I am having a lovely day today, and I hope you are too! The kids and I did some chores around the house this morning. Audrey kept the laundry going for me and all three of the kids peeled hard-boiled eggs for egg salad. As a side note, I have discovered that when someone else peels the eggs for you, making egg salad … Continue reading Freezer Cooking Day [Video]!!! 18+ Meals Part 2

Freezer Cooking Day Video! 18+ Meals

So I’ve always been intrigued by the idea of batch freezer cooking. I tried it once when August was a newborn, and it didn’t go well because my children were so little and needed me so often. I was sore and exhausted at the end of the day and was left with crabby babies, an aching back, and a mountain of dishes. Then we ended … Continue reading Freezer Cooking Day Video! 18+ Meals

Day In The Life [Video!] Saturday At Home

The weather, it seems, is finally warming up. I think we’ve had five or six fake springs now. It’s been snowing a couple times a week for the past several weeks. There was one day last week that the kids made a snowman in the morning and rode their bikes in jackets and sandals in the afternoon! Now I’m not one you will ever catch … Continue reading Day In The Life [Video!] Saturday At Home